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One of the places I used to work in Madrid
was very close to one of the city's huge
municipal pools. I used to go there three
times a week and spend the entire afteroon.
That was the life.
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Looking down the street up
towards my apartment.
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The street as seen from the bedroom balcony.
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Carlitos haciendo, pues no se,
mas o menos el loco.
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A scene from the party Pablo and I had a few
days before I took off for California.
A fateful decision that was.
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Al final, me tiraron a la piscina.
Vaya gente.
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Y el gato pasa de todo.
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Estos son amigos.
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Ana and myself.
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Pablo haciendo "el Knopfler".
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Al final, me tiraron a la piscina.
Vaya gente.
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Empty living room.
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Terraza y piscina.
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Towards the apartment.
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Juan Carlos used the, then state of the art,
Matisse paintbox from Spaceward Microsystems
to make this invitation to the inaugural
party of Videoimagen's new office. I used to
work there from time to time. The most
memorable times were the all nighters trying
to finish one project or the other, while
sipping away at glasses of Passport.
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